Les Fourberies de Scapin

An English translation of the play by Molière


Why "Les Fourberies"?

  • ·         Fun play
  • ·         Easy to follow
  • ·         Very Visual and very Physical

Our Translation respects the mood, style and atmosphere of the original

The intentions are many fold

  • ·         The style of the original will be respected
  • ·         Body language and mannerisms will be French
  • ·         The production will be done by an all French cast
  • ·         The pronunciation will have a slight touch of the French accent, but will be easy to follow for the English ear


  • ·         Theatres
  • ·         Festivals
  • ·         Outdoor events
  • ·         Universities
  • ·         Schools  


Not sure yet, but we are working on it