Le Château de Dan Roro


Le Château is an interactive educational production lasting 75 minutes.


  • To expose the audience to a little French language
  • To present some genuine and  traditional French theatre
  • To offer a genuine theatrical experience to all types of audiences

Versions of Le Château: 

  • Versions for learners of French
  1. Version for absolute beginners
  2. Version for more advanced learners
  • Version for audiences who know no French at all

Age targets: Different styles are used according to the ages of the audience:

  • Secondary age (Often year 7 or year 8. Sometimes year 9)
  • Primary age (Often year 5 and year 6. Sometimes even younger)

Difficulties of understanding: none!  

The show is mostly in French but many tricks and skills are used to make sure that absolutely all audiences constantly understand everything, whether they know French or not:

  • A lot of mime
  • A lot of comical repetitions
  • Constant visual action
  • Constant sense of danger
  • Physical and acrobatic skills

Setting up time: 

Between 90 minutes and 2 hours are needed to set up:

  • the set - various backdrops and flats
  • drapes
  • a powerful sound system
  • a multitude of props
  • stage lights
  • subdued house lights

1 hour is needed to pack away

Cast members:




                          Dan Roro - playing himself







                                               John Lloyd playing Pierre the "Assistant"






Previous Cast Members:




Valérie Van Loo from Brussels playing the "Assistant





Anne Morier from Paris playing the "Assistant"






Marie Guéant from Paris playing the "Assistant"









Florence Bhoillay from Paris playing the "Assistant"