History of Compagnie Tête-à-Tête


Compagnie Tête-à-Tête came into existence by accident.

 Its founder had been busy working as an actor and variety artiste all over the world. For some time, in England, he had been regularly called upon to devise and present pieces with a French theme.

Soon some educational institutions started taking interest in this, and asked for the pieces to be presented before their students. This interest grew and grew steadily.

Some 15 years ago it had become obvious that this work needed a name:

Compagnie Tête-à-Tête was born.

Compagnie Tête-à-Tête  has clear objectives:

  • to promote and encourage the learning and appreciation of Languages and Culture through Drama.
  • to offer a genuine theatrical experience to its audiences.
  • to keep theatre affordable for all purses.


The founder: Dan Roro



Born in France, educated in France, in India and in England, Dan Roro is a genuine world citizen.

Dan became an actor at 16, but had already been treading the boards since... he does not remember. He was too young! He first developed his actor's craft in the summer camps run by his mother, while his father taught him the principles of stage sound and stage lighting.

Dan has travelled the world from an early age and has performed in very many of the countries between Japan and England.

At some point he considered adding another string to his bow and trained as a teacher. This training has become very useful for the work of Compagnie Tête-à-Tête.